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The Statesman Cap10K - It was amazing y'all!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Statesman Cap10K was back in the saddle on April 10th after a 3-year hiatus. The race went off without a hitch.

The race director, Jeff Simecek, was beyond pleased with the professionalism and experience of the EnMotive team.

When you are supporting the biggest 10K in Texas, you want everything to run smoothly. The experience for the participants is what you focus on. From registration to packet pickup to timing to photography - every detail is important. The minute the runner steps up to the start line, the journey begins and our work continues. We don't stop until the last runner has crossed that finish line.

EnMotive's team is exactly that, the team that supports the race director and truly cares about the experience of the athlete. Our goal is to make sure that each athlete knows that we are the invisible presence that makes the event unforgettable.

The journey begins with us! See you at the start line!


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