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The Power of Production

We have all heard the saying, "when you want something done right, do it yourself". Sometimes, however, that's not really possible. Maybe it's because you don't have the experience in that field. Can you imagine if you needed surgery and you said - "Wait, I want it done right, so I'll do it". Or maybe the project is so complex and so involved that there is no way you could do it yourself. Let's use building a house as an example. Finding the right and qualified people for any job can be stressful and exhausting. Specially when you want it done well and you really care about the outcome. So let's talk about technology and events, which is the strength of EnMotive.

Hum...I have an idea. I would like to put on an event. Fun! People, volunteers, shirts, medals. I can't wait to get started. Wait! I don't even know where to start. I know that there is a lot involved, but where do I begin? Before we get to the start line, there is a very long list of items that needs to be thought out. Let's break it down and talk about how EnMotive can help with each.

The great idea: All ideas are good ideas. Are they though? YES! Yes they are. The obvious starting point of planning is the what? What are you planning - a running event, a bike ride, a ticketing event, a fundraiser? As soon as your organization has made that decision, you are off to the races.

What next? Where is this event going to take place? Is the date available in the city/town/facility? Does the police and city need to be involved? Do you need a course and how are you going to measure it? Permits, course design, oh my. Our production team has years of proven experience in this phase and all of the phases of your event. We pull permits, we work directly with the city and the police to make sure roads are blocked, we can set up security and everything that goes with the lay of the land.

Registration: OMG! How in the world am I going to set up registration for my amazing event? This is EnMotive's strength. We are a technology company. Save time and eliminate stress by organizing and managing your entire event details in one place, from a marketing site to membership to payments to volunteers. Learn more by clicking here:

WAIT. I know there's more! When it comes to shirts, medals, bibs and all the fun swag, we know who to contact. From all the details that you don't even think about, like the color and verbiage of the ribbon on the medal, to having the bib personalized.

Start To Finish:

Balloons, ribbons, who does all that? Hum! By now I think you know the answer.

It's an undertaking for sure. What if it's raining, windy...we have seen it all.

But we are not done yet!

Food, volunteers, drinks, website, even a Mariachi Band.

Lasting Memories - Photography!

And when you smile for the camera...

We've talked about this in several of our blogs. Adding photography to your event is a simple way to enhance the athletes' experience and add value to your event.

FAST PHOTOS = More Engagement, More Sharing & More Value

Check out the metrics from Bike New York:

Don't let the list of details about putting on an event overwhelm you. EnMotive has the experience and the expertise to bring your idea to life. If you are starting from scratch, have worked with us over the years, would like to add a fun new feature to your current event, or just need help with just one part of your event, we are here for you. This is our passion!

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