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Steps That Count!

Updated: Feb 21

Endurance events are the second largest contributor to non-profits world wide. It's a partnership that has always been important and valuable. EnMotive continues to enhance and focus on making fundraising easy. With the most user friendly fundraising platform, our partners can focus on what's important, the charity.

Event directors and participants alike, can proudly say that one of the top reasons for putting on and attending an event is for a cause.

According to Learning to Give, the history behind this partnership goes back a long time.

The earliest mention of walk-a-thons was in the 1930s and was a variation of competitive dance marathons that grew in popularity during the Great Depression. These dance marathons would last for hours, but there was not a fundraising component to them (Calabria 1993).

In 1969 Church World Service organized the CROP Hunger Walk in Bismarck, ND and is considered one of the first walks for charity in the United States. One thousand people walked that day and raised $25,000 to help stop hunger in their community. 50 years later that walk still happens each year in many communities around the country.

In 1970 The March for Babies (originally called Walk America) by March of Dimes was the first nationwide walking fundraiser and it raised $75,000. Today there are over 1,000 different March for Babies events around the world. (Olivola 2011)

By 2012 according to The Running USA State of the Sport Report, America hit an all-time high of 26,370 running events. That is 72 events per day. Running USA estimates their road races brought in $1.2 billion in fundraising for nonprofits in 2012.

At EnMotive we take pride in working hand in hand with our partners as they set their goals.

EnMotive can support donations during registration, event fundraising page, peer to peer fundraising and team fundraising. Making your fundraising efforts, effortless.

We have the pleasure of working in an industry that focuses on health, fitness, personal goals, fun, and miles and miles of smiles. But the one part of the endurance industry that makes us the most proud is the intentional focus on creating a platform that at it's core, is making an impact.

Check out the new Fundraising Dashboard:

Feature Includes:

  • Ability for an admin to view fundraising details for an organization in bulk

  • Allows for enhanced drilling to view by donation year, then further by event, then see a list of the donors

  • Wanted to provide a way for fundraising partners to get additional details they may need or to track, without the event having to provide them

  • Available for Organization Admins and Client Admins

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