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Photography: A key element of an event plan.

Bike New York has utilized EnPhoto the past two years for their iconic TD Five Boro Bike Tour, the largest ride of its kind in the United States with over 30,000 riders. Their photography goal is to capture riders’ special moments with free high-quality images that are immediately available to view, download and share on social media. With event photos reaching over 16 million people and 230,000 searchable photos, EnPhoto surpassed expectations for the 2022 TD Five Boro Bike Tour.

EnPhoto is a turnkey photography solution that will enhance your participants’ experience, add brand value to your event, and serve as a valuable sponsorship activation. From 100 to 40,000+ event participants, EnPhoto scales to any event size and need.

EnMotive is not only proud of all the riders, we are proud of being able to capture them in action. With over 200,000 images in the gallery, and almost 4,000,000 total image views, that's an incredible amount of smiles and miles captured.

FAST PHOTOS = More Engagement, More Sharing & More Value

Read more to see how Bike New York utilizes photography as a key element of their event plan.


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