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Metrics & Analytics: An Incredible Update

Updated: 4 days ago

There is nothing more important and exciting to an event director than being able to have accurate, reliable, and dependable data. The reliability of the data drives decisions and ultimately leads to increased profitability. At the February 9th Product Webinar, EnMotive revealed the new metrics and analytics update. The new features help analyze your event without muddling through reports, and provides quick and accurate access to metrics. Our partners have shared that this is the exact tool they have been looking for to elevate their event. It's here and it's amazing!

The EnMotive Team has been working on this project for a while, making certain that it is useful and relevant. There was a lot of behind the scenes work that had to into making this project a reality. The result, we now have the best in class product to offer to our partners.

There are two parts to this new release; accounting and metrics & analytics.


METRICS & ANALYTICS: Providing the most common data points and metrics at your fingertips. Adding insights to your events by looking at data differently and ultimately helping you drive future decision on revenue, marketing, registration and performance.


If you ever wanted to know for an entire event level graphic demographic, female 40-44 that registered this week, all the data and metrics will update in real time: results total, velocity that they are coming in, products that the ordered, and more.


The birthday widget will allow you to have a list of everyone who is celebrating their birthday on the day of the event. With an easy search, you can provide the list to the announcer making your event even more personal.

Filter, search, analyze by endless fields. It's filled with information that is specific and important to you and your event.

To see and hear all the amazing details, watch the webinar here...

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