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Meet The Team: Taylor

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It's not everyday that you get to brag about a team member. Taylor is the guy that everyone wants on their team. Incredibly well organized, kind, genuine and dependable.

As the Event Manager in Ohio, Taylor is responsible for making sure that all the events in his part of the country go off without a hitch. And they do. His clients have nothing but good things to say about Taylor as a person as well as a professional.

When Taylor is not hitting the ground running, you can find him in the water, teaching swim lessons, lifesaving courses and SCUBA.

Taylor has had the amazing opportunity to visit 49 out of our 50 glorious states. He is not about to miss that last state...Alaska. He really recommends cabin camping during the winter, so my guess is that when he makes it to his 50th state, it might involve staying in a cabin.

Taylor has been timing events for almost 20 years and he certainly has a book of amazing stories to share, not only about the events but of all the participants that he has met along the way. His favorite event is the Athens Ohio Marathon which started in 1968. Dubbed “Ohio’s Longest Running Marathon”. The Athens Marathon earned that title as it hasn't taken a break since its inception.

When asked to share a few words of wisdom, Taylor shared the following: "The greatest plans and adventures are the simple things in life!"

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