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Meet the Team: Mark

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Mark Colpoys: VP Event Production / Sr. Race Director

Well, this guy certainly leaves his "Mark" wherever he goes.

Being the leader of the Production Team at EnMotive takes an incredible amount of dedication and determination.

"I’m honored to say that I’ve been a team member on a Mark Colpoys’ production event. He always pushes himself to the limit to be the best, and get the best result, for his clients. His dedication and passion for event production is insurmountable." JS

"I like working for Mark is because he’s genuinely passionate about these events. Every decision that Mark makes has the best interest of the client and the participants in mind. He has a wealth on institutional knowledge that I am very fortunate to be able to pull from. Working with someone who is very good at this is awesome. Working with someone who cares as much as he does is the reason I enjoy working for him and the reason I enjoy working for EnMotive as a whole." RB

Mark is willing to go all lengths for his clients, including tearing a muscle!" KC

Day, night, cold, hot, raining, dry...nothing stops Mark. The hours that he spends making sure all of the details of an event are just right is insurmountable. His talent, work ethic and shear kindness makes him a favorite team player.

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