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Meet the Team: Liz

Updated: Jan 19

EnMotive is excited to welcome Liz Allen as the new Event Manager in the Pacific Northwest. Liz is looking forward to meeting all the EnMotive partners in her region and making sure that all the events are on target.

Liz will try almost anything once and rotates hobbies in/out (like the axe throwing pictured), so nailing down a list of hobbies was somehow trickier than expected?! Right now, she is focusing on art (paper collage & linocuts primarily). She also enjoys skiing, and open-world video games (anything with a storyline).

Living in the pacific northwest, one would guess that fish is her favorite food, but in fact it's fried chicken, olives, and almost anything potato-based (as long as it doesn't have mayo!). Fried chicken = southern cooking. Olives = Mediterranean. And potatoes = Idaho! Very fun and eclectic, just like her dog, Lili. She's a cardigan corgi with a fox tail, ears the size of satellite dishes, and one eye that's half blue, half brown. She looks like an extremely goofy, short-legged Australian Shephard. Aha!! It all makes sense now...on her bucket list is to one day live on an olive grove somewhere in the Mediterranean. Certainly Lili will be joining her.

Liz's past experiences are fun and eccentric because she always searched for something that was interesting to her and her values. When she lived in New York, she was an assistant in the music industry. She worked at an early education nonprofit, managing compliance standards for different university partners and assisting in the development team with fundraising events. When she moved to Seattle, she followed a path toward possibly being an attorney. She took a job as an event coordinator for a law firm to see attorneys in action. her interest in events stuck, but the attorney life did not. She found her passion for events in the legal cannabis space managing networking events, small festivals, and investor relations conferences. When live events stopped because of Covid, she had the opportunity to think about what matters the most to her when it comes to her work life. It turns out that events and the endurance industry is her passion. This industry is filled with good-hearted people and that's why she is excited to work at EnMotive. The industry and the company is filled with kind and motivated people whose goal is to make life better either for themselves or others. To Liz, that is both motivating and exciting.

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