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Meet the Team: Eileen

Eileen LaMontagne works with events to provide support and industry insight from the setup of registration to race day. Let's get to know a little bit more about what else Eileen likes to do.

Eileen is all about the outdoors - she loves hiking, snowboarding, camping, generally anything that takes her into nature, which why it makes sense that ALL BERRIES are her favorite food; strawberries, marionberries, salmonberries, blueberries, raspberries.

Wait! Salmonberries? Is there really such a thing?

Well, I'll is a thing! Looks delicious!

Eileen has two dogs, Bella and Dog-Meat. Bella is a rescue from All Terrier Rescue, who brings Terriers from all across the US to Oregon, where the breed has a higher adoption rate. Bella is originally from Maui, HI. Dog-Meat was rehomed to Eileen when a good friend got too many barking complaints at their apartment complex. Dog-Meat is a sweetheart but LOVES to bark.

Adding to all the fun, Eileen has a son Jason Jones. They call him Tiny-Baby or Baby-Jason but are hopeful that when he starts school his nickname will be JJ.

"Can I say that all of my client's events are my favorites? No? Okay!" If Eileen had to pick one event on EnMotive to call her favorite, the Santa Barbara Triathlon would be it. The event is so cool and everyone who participates has such a passion for Triathlons. Her other favorite event that she personally participates in is the Doggie Dash in Portland, OR. The Doggie Dash supports the Oregon Humane Society, and lets her run with her dog, so it's a win-win-win-win for dog lovers.

When Eileen started working in the industry in 2016, she joined with a customer service background. She had very little experience in the endurance sports industry. She used to think runners were crazy people who woke up at 5am to run 10 miles before work. Now working with some of those crazy people who do that, she has realized that runners are not crazy. They are passionate (well, maybe some of the 5am'ers are a bit crazy). Those who run, bike and swim are people with heart. They work hard and play even harder. These athletes live their lives to the fullest and inspire her everyday.

Eileen is inspirational as well. In November of 2016, she packed up her dog Bella and two suitcases. She took her brave 20-something "I can do anything" attitude and moved to Hawaii for a year. It was fun, enlightening and a very expensive experience.

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