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Meet the EnMotive Sales Team: The Game Changers

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Tenacity: the quality of being very determined; persistent forward momentum with a game plan; to never stop trying to achieve a goal even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds

What makes this team incredibly unique and incredibly powerful is their background. As the quote from Satoro states, "Individually, we are one drop, Together we are an ocean." And this team can cause a tidal wave! Dedicated, unwavering, strong, humble, and committed to the client.

Let's get to know the team:

Matt Downin

VP Business Development

Good thing Matt's hobby is running since he has 3 kids, (16,14,11), a cat and two dogs. It's not shocking that his favorite event is the New York City Marathon and one of the items on his bucket list is to run the Boston Marathon.

With all the running that Matt does, he doesn't have to worry about eating as many of his favorite food; tacos! Yep! Who doesn't like a good taco?

Matt brings to the team experience with Chrono Track, Strands and staying with the running theme, he was a professional runner!

Clint Taylor

National Partnerships Manager

Being with his family and friends is important to Clint. He enjoys a good Italian meal, a good spicy dish and all things salmon!

Clint also enjoys reading, running and spectator sports. But not to worry, he also gets into the action. Clint has completed 17 marathons, 2-50 milers. The middle of the pack are his people!!! Out of the marathons he has completed, Chicago and the Marine Corps Marathon are his favorites. He doesn't just put miles in for race day, he has a 3 year old English Golden Retriever, Gibson that helps to keep the mileage up.

On Clint's bucket list is a visit to Normandy.

Clint bring a lot of experience to the team: Sponsorship Marketing for Minor League Baseball - the Dayton Dragons and AHL Hockey - the Chicago Wolves. He worked for two years in sponsorship sales with RAM Racing, focusing on the Hot Chocolate Series. For the past four years EnMotive has been lucky to have him on the team.

Josiah Ragsdale

National Partnerships Manager

Josiah might look intimidating but he's a true blue softy at heart! His hobbies include weightlifting, visiting breweries and spending time with his daughter Lylah. His favorite food is his wife's biscuits and gravy and a perfect Chicago deep dish pizza! Pizza and beer? That's a perfect combination.

Even though running is not Josiah's favorite activity, he has run the Columbus Marathon and does participates in other races as well. All this running will help him stay fit for when he checks off one of the items on his bucket list - travel through Germany drinking all the local beers. I think we have a theme!

Josiah bring to this team tons of experience. Endurance was his first job out of college and after 11 years, he is still going strong.

He studied sports management and volunteered at numerous events and was hired as the Social Media Manager at RAM Racing, which gave him the freedom and creative space to develop the grassroots Marketing Experience, including the Hot Chocolate Ambassador Program. He has worked directly with customers and now is an integral part of the EnMotive Sales Team.

Josiah would love to see more diversity industry-wide. From event organizers to event participants; transcending gender, orientation, and body type, so that the stigma or "running" isn't so closely associated with the current typecast. For an activity that anyone can do and take part in, there are many barriers and Josiah would like to see more diversity and become an ambassador of change.

Charlie Wasley

National Partnerships Manager

Just by looking at Charlie, this guy "screams" outdoors. He loves anything that involves wood, water, snow or ice. The closer to nature the better. Red Bull, Pizza and Beer is what keeps this guy going. Hmm? Red Bull? Really? Not exactly natural.

His favorite race is the Mustache Run - A Victory Lap for your Stache (obvious from his picture)

His favorite experience at an event is the midnight finish at Ironman World Championships in Kona. Talk about excitement, adrenaline and inspiration!

On his bucket list is a trip to France to attend the Tour de France.

Charlie bring over 20 years in the endurance industry to this team. He has always been in the fitness and outdoor recreation arena and has no plans of ever changing.

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