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Let's Start A Conversation, Heart!

If you are a runner, your conversation hearts might read: run happy, race me, be my BRF, run 4 fun, rock my run, sole mate, 6.2 4 U, and so on.

If you are an event director, your conversation hearts might read: picture this, timing is everything, register me, nice website, volunteers 4 ever.

What we love about these conversation hearts is that they do precisely that...start a conversation. That is something that we are always available for... a conversation with our partners, with our participants, with our teams.

Conversations and being in the event industry go hand in hand. Once you get the opportunity to share a story, that's when a connection is made.

As the company, EnMotive wants to share about it's team, it's partnerships and about all the amazing events we have been a part of.

As the partner, you want to share what's important to you. What is the one thing at your event that you want to be seamless and spectacular. What you want your participants to take away from your event. Is the swag the most important? Are the photos the key to a successful event? Maybe it's the after party. We know that a lot of the event directors truly care about the cause that their race is supporting and fundraising. Sometimes, the cause is very near and dear to the director's heart. It can be personal. That's what the conversation is about. To listen, to hear, to understand.

As the participant, we might not really know why drove you to register for the event. But it's incredible to hear the story of why. It might be for fitness, for fun, as a way of getting together with friends. Maybe it's because of the cause, as like for the event director, mean a lot to you. Regardless why you decided to participate, both EnMotive and the event director want you to have the most memorable experience. That's the goal.

But how do we begin to understand and to know how we feel, what we need, what the end goal is? The only way is by starting a conversation.

By opening ourselves up to discussion of new ideas and opinions – even ones that we disagree with – we get a deeper understanding of topics and issues that we might otherwise take for granted. Information shared through conversation is where we begin. From there, the possibilities are endless and the path is clear.

Let's get the conversation started!

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