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"Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox"

Being part of an events company has it's advantages. One of them is being able to meet our participants.

There are many things that brings me joy, but one of my favorites is meeting people and hearing their story. I worked packed pickup for the Run Your Sox Off and I was amazed at how much I got to know each participant in a matter of just a minute or two. The interaction is quick - "Hello, welcome to packet pick up. Do you have a confirmation QR Code if not, I can look you up by last name."

Let's talk about the EnMotive technology first before we start sharing about my people! Talk about efficient and quick!

I remember back in the day when we had to wait in long long lines, show an ID, look up your bib number on this enormous computer printout sheet that was hung on a wall. The print was so small that if you didn't have your glasses you would need to ask someone to help you find your name. I always felt like I was looking to see if I had made the team. Wait - there's more...the list was in alphabetical order by last name. If you were picking up for friends, you hung out on the wall for a good 20 minutes singing the alphabet song. Then you had to remember your bib number. HA! That's funny! The minute that you turned away from the wallpaper of athletes, you would inevitably forget. The experienced athletes brought a Sharpie with them. Some also brought paper, but it was actually really really cool to write down the bib number or numbers if you were picking up for friends and family, on your hand. Ohhhhh - they were so cool. The first time I saw the runner next to me write down his bib number on his hand, I was, that's amazing! I was literally amazed at a grown man writing on his hand with a Sharpie. And remember, this was before cell phones so you couldn't take a picture either. You had to rely on your memory or hope that an expert was picking up his packet at the same time so you could borrow his Sharpie. What a mess!

Next you had to use your math skills. The bibs were sorted numerically. 1-200, 201-500. If it was a small event, not much math skills were required, but if you had to pick up a packet at a really large event, things got complicated. 2308-4202. What???

By the time you finally got your bib, went to a different table for your shirt and left pick up, you had made several friends, recited the alphabet no less than 50 times and brushed up on your math skills. Not bad for just wanting to pick up your packet.

At the Sox packet pick up, the athlete literally walked or ran if they were really excited, to the table, scanned their QR code, we then scanned a bib to assign it to the athlete, put the bib, shirt and some fun things in the bag and off they went. No math, no alphabet, no chatting with new friends. So efficient. And if there was a problem - No Problem! We could resolve it on the spot.

Now let's focus on the topic at hand - the people! What I loved about the Sox Packet Pick Up is that it's a fan based event. The participants are doing it for fun and because they love their team, the Chicago White Sox.

Dads and kids...

Moms and kids...

A huge shout out to the winners!

A huge shout out to our volunteers! We cannot put on an event without them!

And how about some smiling, celebrating, cheering, proud participants! "Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox and Athletes."

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