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Internationally Speaking...Or Running!

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

The Detroit Free Press Marathon has a storied history, and EnMotive is incredibly excited to be part of it. According to the event organizers, in 1978, Neal Shine watched the Falmouth Road Race and was overwhelmed by what he saw. As managing editor of the Detroit Free Press, he suggested the newspaper sponsor something similar in Detroit. Since then, race directors, staff, volunteers, sponsors and participants have helped grow the event into Michigan's largest and arguably best road race.

The event options for the weekend are endless, which is exciting and fun for the participants. The weekend offers races on both Saturday and Sunday:

On Saturday you can run a 5K, Competitive One Mile &/or the Meijer Kids Fun Run!

Sunday Races include the Marathon, Disabilities (handcycle and wheelchair) Division Marathon, International Half Marathon, US Only Half Marathon and Marathon Relay.

The Motor City Challenge Series is another fun way to earn an additional challenge series medal and the highly coveted challenge series jacket. For those runners who want a full weekend experience, they can register for the challenge series to run both Saturday races or the Sunday Full Marathon or International Half plus both Saturday races!

Where to the start line seems logical, but there is an endless list of things to do before we can get to the start line.

Bibs: Seven different bibs, seven different colors, customized with the event branding and personalized with the participant information. Dynamic Bib Assignment pack pickup solution creates an easy, fast and streamlined packet pick up with custom vanity bibs assigned and printed at the expo!

Medals: You guessed it...different medals, different ribbons, each one specific to the respective race.

Permits, security, road closures, packet pick up, shirts, timing, photography, food, aid stations, volunteers, medical staff, announcers, music, entertainment, expo, and the list just keeps on going. All the details, all the unexpected hiccups, and the- unique component of this race crossing an international boarder are part of being involved in the event industry. To the participants, it's like magic. Registration, Photography and Timing is the magic that EnMotive brings to this event.

From the looks of it, the EnPhoto photographers captured the feelings and emotions we were going for. Proud, excited and having fun is our goal.

At EnMotive we strive for excellence regardless of the size of your event. An international marathon, a local 5K, a biking event, a fundraising event. To our team, they are all equally important. We are thorough and consistent. Our attention to detail goes above and beyond to make your event shine.

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