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Fundraising Efforts Made Effortless!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Events go hand in hand with fundraising. EnMotive can support donations during registration, event fundraising page, peer to peer fundraising and team fundraising. Making your fundraising efforts, effortless.

Not every fundraiser is alike. The EnMotive platform has the flexibility and ability to make your fundraiser exactly what you would like it to be.

An individual can choose to fundraise for their cause. Setting up an individual fundraising page is simple and interactive.

In this example, Logan is fundraising for Mohonk Preserve with a link so the donor can learn more about the cause.

The next section is the opportunity for Logan to tell his story as to what event he is participating in and why. It gives the opportunity for the donors to understand the reason this specific organization was picked...

Mohonk Preserve is a nonprofit organization dedicated to land conservation, environmental education, outdoor recreation, and visitor engagement. Located just 90 miles from New York City, the Preserve protects more than 8,000 acres of the Shawangunk Mountains. Money raised by Rock The Ridge participants will help Mohonk Preserve to fulfill their mission including connecting children from area school districts to the outdoors through award-winning programs, providing crucial information to help scientists understand the impact of climate change and the maintenance of more than 75 miles of trails and carriages roads.

If enabled, the individual fundraising page is automatically created for each registrant and then a customizable transactional email is sent out 72 hours post registration stating that "your fundraising page is ready". Once this email is received, the person can click on the instructions button and get their page set up.

It can be a team effort to raise funds. The Down Syndrome Festival & 5K is raising funds for Down Syndrome. This event historically loves raising funds as teams. Being on a team can be fun and everyone can keep each other motivated. The team fundraising page is managed by the team captain.

For both the individuals and teams, transactional emails that can be sent automatically include:

  • Thank you to donors

  • Fundraising progress

  • Notification when they reach 50% of goal and also when they reach 100%

EnMotive's fundraising platform can also customize the "Donation Options/Amounts". This is a great way to help the donor visualize how their contribution will make a difference.

For the race director, some of the great features are:

  • Direct deposit to your organization

  • Allow admin access for organization coordinators to pull reports and view totals independently

  • The option to include multiple organizations that can customize their own page image and description

  • During registration, the registrant can choose if they want to support an organization in which to fundraise for or which organization they want to support.

  • A minimum donation can be set per registrant to be completed at registration

  • If the fundraising goal is not met by the deadline, the original form of payment can be charged automatically

Here are a few examples of events who use the EnMotive platform for donations and fundraising in different ways. Please click on each image to take you to the homepage of the event.

DASH FOR DETECTION: An example of an event that you can make a direct donation to the cause , have individual fundraising and team fundraising

SWIM FOR ALLIGATOR LIGHTHOUSE: An example of event level fundraising and individual fundraising.

SUBARU CASA CHALLENGE: An example of event level fundraising, team fundraising and peer to peer fundraising.

STRIDES FOR PEACE: An example for donations for multiple organizations and team fundraising to an organization of choice

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