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Creating A Professional Website For Your Event: It's as easy as 1, 2, http!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A functional, interactive, easy to manage website for your event is not only possible, but it's FUN to create. No "webs"perience required.

Hey wait a minute. I'm an event director, not a web designer. Guess what? You can be both! With the EnMotive Marketing/Website design tool you can easily create and customize a website for any type of event with as few or as many features and options as needed.


Example #1: This is the perfect example of a straightforward event. They want to share the information to their attendees and give them the opportunity to buy tickets.

Top Work Paces 2022: The main page has the Buy Ticket button, the introduction of the guest speaker and the event location

Purchase Page - clear and easy to use

The Buy Ticket button takes you to a very straightforward purchase page.


Example #2: This is a great example of an event who wants to provide tons of information to their participants. Register, Donate, Fundraise, About the Foundation, Parking, Packet Pickup and much more.

The Register Now button takes you directly to a clear page for registration.

At the registration page you can add the "Fundraising" option to your profile. What's the difference between Fundraising and Donating? Well, let us clarify - the difference is slight, but there is a difference. And it's important to have both options on the event website if you would like that as a feature for your event.

Fundraising is at the individual or team level. The participant(s) are collecting funds for a particular and specific purpose. When your participant fundraises for the event, they would probably like to keep a running tab of how much they have raised. Your event might even have a leader board. The Fundraising feature gives each participant the ability to keep a record of how much funds their fundraising efforts has contributed to the cause.

Donating is giving money to the cause, even if no one asks. A donor can be a participant or it may not be. A donor can be anyone who is interested in giving without necessarily being associated with an individual participant or the event itself.

The Donate button gives anyone the opportunity to donate towards the cause.


Example #3: The Subaru Cycling Challenge has lots of information that they want to provide for their participants. This is a great example of how flexible, specific, and elaborate your event page can be.

As we have seen in the previous examples, the Register Now button will take you to the registration page. Let's take a look at all the other menu options.

Home - Will take you home! That was easy!

Confirm Registration: This gives the

athletes the opportunity to make sure all their registration information is accurate.

Event FAQ: WOW - There is so much information that it's worth taking a look.

Event Maps: Since this is a 24 hour biking challenge, the athletes want to know where they will be riding. This way, they can visualize the route and prepare for the event.

Registration FAQ & Sponsors provide a list of the questions that frequently come up and the sponsor page provides the list of all those who are sponsoring the event.

The final part of the website is quite impressive, informational and interactive. The Donate section of the website is very user friendly. It provides an opportunity to donate, see the leader board, see pictures of individuals and teams. It's an inspirational section of the website.

Information, color, font, logos, everything and anything you want for your event website is at your fingertips....Literally! EnMotive provides you with all the tools you need to create, customize and be proud of your website. If you need a little or a lot of help getting started or along the way, we have someone who is available.

We have only touched the surface of what our software has to offer. This marketing/website tool can make your event's website as elaborate or as simple as you would like. It's as easy as 1, 2, http! Honestly!

Contact us to see a demo:

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