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Bringing All Aspects of Your Event Together

Updated: 4 days ago

Managing logistics for an event can be tedious or even overwhelming for an event director. Let the expertise, the team and the technology through EnMotive Production make the entire process of putting on an event worry-free! Read more on how combining production with other services of our software platform enable event directors to focus on growing their event while driving additional revenue or encouraging fundraising for their highlighted charity. The 2023 Run the Bunyan Relay Run is one example of how our comprehensive technology and our experienced team work together to make the process seamless.

The home page & More!

That's where it all begins. All the information that you want your participants to know needs to be on the home page. Logo, menu, register now, and so on. The EnMotive platform has the ability to give you total ownership of what you want that homepage to be. You can customize it as you see most appropriate for your event. Color, logo, information, anything that is important to you and your event can be created either by you or with the help of our client services team. Our platform also gives you the opportunity to create a website. If the thought of creating a website for your event seems completely out of your comfort zone, you will be pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly it is to create a website that is perfect for you event, without having to take a course on web design.

Check out the home page here:


Run The Bunyan is raising funds for the American Cancer Society. The EnMotive platform has one of the industry's most comprehensive fundraising features. The list of the capabilities are endless. It's fundraising made easy. Setting up an individual or a team is a breeze. Our fundraising software keeps track of amounts, sends out emails when participants reach a certain goal.


Packet pick up, determining the course, timing, photography, post race party, and everything in between, we can take care of it. Pick one or have us do it all. We customize, bundle, and work with you based on your budget and your vision.

Metrics & Analytics

We might be a little biased, but the data and metrics you are able to get during and after your event is priceless. From having a list of participants who are celebrating their birthdays on event day (perfect opportunity for the announcer to connect with the participants) to

where the participants are coming from, what day of the week is the highest registration day. If you ever wanted to know for an entire event level graphic demographic, female 40-44 that registered this week, all the data and metrics will update in real time: results total, velocity that they are coming in, products that the ordered, and more.

There is nothing more rewarding than partnering with and event like Run The Bunyan Relay. It's a complex event that challenges us to put all of our expertise to the test. EnMotive has the opportunity to work with the event organizer from the planning stage to providing data on all aspects of the event. Bringing together all the EnMotive experts: our Client Services team, our timing team, our photographers and our production crew makes this opportunity a reality.

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