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Behind the Times

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of timing an event?

As runners, we walk up to the start line, make sure we have our chip either on our bib or on our shoes, check our watches/GPS device to see that it's set for GO TIME and we don't think of much else in regards to time. Except of course, some of us think A LOT about our finishing time. It's a PR that is your goal. It's a Boston qualifying time. Maybe it's just a bet that you made with a friend. Whatever the reason your finishing time is important, it's important. For others, it's not that big of an issue, but there is still that satisfaction of knowing you can look up your time and have a record or your accomplishment.

"But wait??? How does it all work? I think it's magic. It must be magic because as soon as the race is over, I can check to see how well I did." Remember back in the day when you had to wait to get a post card in the mail with your finishing time? Those were the good old days. Or maybe not. Like everything else, technology has evolved and EnMotive has evolved with it. Not only is our registration platform one of the best in the industry, our timers are amazing as well.

Our timers check and double check the equipment weeks in advance of an event. Then it's off to the races. Packing, traveling, coordinating with the race director. Up before most of the runners, our timers are out on the course making sure everything is set up and working. From start to finish, the process is time consuming but worth every effort we put in to make sure each athlete reaches that goal and has proof to back up all the hard work that goes into getting to the start line.

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